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As a solopreneur, entrepreneur, or manager of a startup, you’re probably aware that all businesses need a strong digital marketing strategy to be successful. Building an online presence creates brand awareness, helps you reach new and existing audiences, and ultimately, drives more business. With that said, email marketing is alive and well, and implementing a strategy is easier than you might think.

So, what’s the best email marketing software for small businesses? As a leading email campaign platform for more than two decades, Constant Contact is at the top of the list. Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of the company’s tools, features, benefits, and pricing.

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is an online service provider that specializes in email marketing software for small businesses and nonprofits. The primary features of the platform include customized template-building tools and adaptive email campaigns with helpful analytics to track your success.

The sophisticated list-builder is another essential part of the platform’s email marketing service, offering advanced tools for collecting, organizing, and managing email addresses.

Additionally, the Constant Contact website builder is a free feature intended to help you quickly build a company site. By asking you a few questions about your brand, the builder uses artificial intelligence to create a personalized site, complete with image and content suggestions.

Product Features

Customizable email campaigns • Fine-tune your campaign strategy with 100+ customizable email marketing templates.
Advanced list-builder tool • Collect email addresses through your website, social media, and mobile app.
Real-time reporting • Track your email campaigns with real-time reporting and sophisticated analytics.

User Benefits

Live support • Constant Contact customer service provides live tech support and marketing advice. 
User-friendly interface • Campaigns are a breeze with easy-to-use email marketing software. 
Modern templates • All Constant Contact templates are mobile-friendly with contemporary designs.

Ready to try Constact Contact to build, expand and grow your email list?

Email marketing tools from Constant Contact

With over 100 mobile-optimized templates, users can fine-tune their email marketing strategy to fit the vision of their brand. Once you’ve created an email campaign or company newsletter, you can send it out immediately or schedule it for another time. Constant Contact’s real-time reporting and analytics allow you to monitor the performance of each campaign.

The list management and audience segmentation tools allow you to customize your address book for optimal efficiency and targeted marketing. You can also create forms and popup banners for your website and social media pages to encourage visitors to sign up for newsletters and company updates.

Marketing automation and eCommerce integration

Recently, Constant Contact added some additional features pertaining to email marketing automation and eCommerce integration. The automation tool sends automatic emails to those who’ve shown interest in your brand. Then you can set drip campaigns to retarget contacts with follow-up messages based on their engagement with your emails.

With Constant Contact’s eCommerce integration tool, you can connect to Shopify, Eventbrite, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Volusion, and 3DCart. Connect your eCommerce store, sync your contacts, track email coupons, and drive more revenue with marketing automation. 

On top of that, the Constant Contact Shopify integration allows you to send “abandoned cart” emails to those who added items to a shopping cart on your website without making a purchase.

Is Constant Contact easy to use?

For the most part, Constant Contact is a very user-friendly email marketing campaign platform. Adding contacts to your address book can be done by uploading a file, importing from Gmail, CRM migration, or manual implementation.

To start a campaign, you select a template and use the drag-and-top editor tool to adjust the layout and customize the email. It’s easy to modify the text, change the sizing, add images, and switch up the colors.

With the branded campaign builder, entrepreneurs can create an email template with their logo, social media icons, and brand-specific colors and fonts. This branded template can be saved to your Constant Contact account and used for every email you send out.

Constant Contact pricing

At this point, you might be wondering, Is Constant Contact free? While it is free to sign up for the platform and build a basic website, Constant Contact email marketing plans actually start at $20 a month.

The $20 standard monthly plan grants you access to most of Constant Contact’s features, including an unlimited number of emails. The Email Plus membership starts at $45 a month and includes some additional tools such as automated email series, A/B testing, event marketing, surveys, polls, and coupons. 

Both the standard plan and the Email Plus membership support up to 500 contacts. You have the option to add more subscribers (email addresses) to your list for an additional fee. The limit is 50,000 subscribers for a maximum of $335 a month on either plan.

Is Constant Contact worth it?

Compared to Mailchimp, Constant Contact’s standard plan is slightly more expensive. However, Mailchimp limits the number of campaigns you can send out each month, and Constant Contact doesn’t.

Constant Contact does come with a monthly fee, and the price should definitely be considered as part of your overall marketing budget. That being said, Constant Contact is one of the best email marketing service providers on the market. The useful features and customizable email campaign tools are essential digital marketing assets for small businesses. 

What users are saying…

Constant Contact does a good job delivering solid email marketing capabilities in an intuitive and nicely-priced interface. Molly McGlaughlin, PCMag

Easy to use with a knowledgeable and helpful support team to back it up. Linda B, TrustPilot

Constant Contact has proven to be the best way to reach our clientele in an efficient and “paper-free” manner. We are always able to easily reach a person who can handle any questions we may have. Gale Wiik, TrustPilot

I love Constant Contact. It is easy to use and very effective. It’s the most enjoyable task I have to do! Carolyn Behrens, TrustPilot

I use CC to manage our large contact database and to send out email updates. It is great for segmenting our list — from general interest to communications to fundraising. The automated features are great, especially that it will not allow the same email to appear in the same inbox twice. Curt L, Capterra

Constant Contact has helped me reach a larger group of clients by helping me to create attractive emails that represent my business well. Grace W, Capterra

Ready to try Constact Contact to build, expand and grow your email list?

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