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If you run a website that hosts great content, you’re probably getting visitors. As your traffic grows, you’re likely to start wondering, “how do I turn these visitors into people that buy my product?” Landing pages, popups, and email sign up lists allow you to bridge the gap between you and your readers and start converting website traffic into leads. 

However, creating popups and landing pages from scratch isn’t easy. That’s where a ready-made solution like LeadPages fits in. A comprehensive conversion toolkit, LeadPages allows you to make custom landing pages and email sign up lists for your site without much effort. LeadPages is a premium software package. But is it worth buying? Our review might help you decide.

What is LeadPages

LeadPages is a conversion-optimized landing page and website builder. As a software package, LeadPages allows you to build landing pages and add popup elements to your website.

These elements convert traffic into leads by encouraging visitors to sign up to mailing lists or avail of limited-time offers at different points throughout their journey on your site. 

In practice, this might mean that someone scrolling through one of your long-form blog posts gets a chance to sign up to your newsletter just as they approach the end of the article. It might also mean a customer getting hit with an unbeatable limited-time offer as they are about to click out of your site.

LeadPages also allows you to build and host new websites in an easy to use “drag and drop” fashion.

Product Features

A/B testing • Optimize page performance by running split testing.
Built-in conversion guidance • Real-time tips on how to make your landing pages convert better.
Drag and drop templates • Publish landing pages quickly with professionally designed, drag and drop enabled templates.

User Benefits

Code-free publishing • Create high-quality landing pages without having to write a single line of code.
Simplified analytics • Get real-time data in a straightforward way.
Unlimited publishing • Publish as many landing pages as you need without ever reaching a publishing limit.

Start Using LeadPages Today To Build Your Customer List!

How much does LeadPages cost

LeadPages has three pricing tiers. You can choose to pay monthly or annually. Annual plans are much cheaper and come with a free domain.

The Standard annual plan costs $25 a month, the Pro package costs $48 a month, and the Advanced tier costs $199 a month. Each pricing tier has a variety of different features.

The Standard package lets you make unlimited amounts of landing pages, popup bars, and alerts and gives you a suite of great basic features like a social media ad builder and lead notifications.

The Pro package allows you to host more sites and to make sales directly from your landing pages. This package also gives you the ability to perform unlimited A/B testing. For a growth-orientated e-commerce site, these features are a must.

The Advanced tier is aimed at larger teams. It allows up to 5 sub-accounts and the ability to automatically integrate captured leads with other software packages like Hubspot and Salesforce.

One feature, in particular, makes LeadPages stand out to us—unlimited traffic and leads across all pricing levels. Whether you opt for the Standard, Pro, or Advanced package, LeadPages doesn’t limit the number of leads you can generate from your landing pages.

Who is LeadPages for

LeadPages will work great for anyone who owns or runs a website that is already generating traffic. With three different pricing tiers and unlimited lead generation potential, LeadPages is excellent for businesses ranging in size from solo entrepreneurs to small enterprise teams.

By giving you the ability to make professional-looking landing pages quickly, and test them in real-time, LeadPages can help you bring your visitors closer to your product. 

Is LeadPages worth it?

LeadPages is a web-based platform that gives you the ability to create landing pages that look slick without code-induced stress. 

While it’s not the cheapest lead builder out there, we think that its simplicity coupled with unlimited room for growth and great analytics make LeadPages a worthwhile option. 

What users are saying…

Beautiful landing pages that are way easier to make than I could do on my own. Hearth T. Capterra

Very popular, great conversion rate, a little pricey. I would definitely invest in Leadpages as the business began to turn a profit. Tanya G., Capterra

This is a great solution for businesses or content marketers who need to get sales pages up in a hurry without relying on a developer. If you have a product launch the last thing you need is to wait weeks and pay big bucks for a dev to get a page up, this lets you go live without all the headache. You need hardly any tech skills once the plugin is installed on your website. Alexa R., Capterra

Within one year of using the software I won a $20,000 lead generation contest. at the world’s largest real estate brokerage. Keep up the great innovations LeadPages! John P., Capterra

I’ve used Leadpages personally and for my clients since 2013 to build out simple and effective lead generating campaigns and calls to action that bring in new leads every day. Matt O., Capterra

Start Using LeadPages Today To Build Your Customer List!

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