Klaviyo, More Than Just Email Marketing?


There is no denial in the fact that choosing the best email marketing tool either for your e-commerce or any other online platform can be tricky. There are innumerous alternatives available that propose diverse email marketing tools for every industry and can be perplexing. If you conduct a research, you will notice that services offered by diverse email marketing companies differ a lot in terms of features and tools.

It makes them practical for one business but might not prove to be productive for another. The most common names that pop up in front of you while you explore options for email marketing are Mailchimp, Klaviyo and constant contact. These are irrefutably most leading email marketing gateways on hand.

A deep scan of these platforms will help you analyze the fact that the core working of these platforms is different from each other. It is tricky for the user to identify the correct e-mail marketing platform. All these platforms are special in their own ways but the most popular among these is Klaviyo.

The following article would provide complete information regarding Klaviyo along with its competitive advantage over the other similar platforms available in the market.

What is Klaviyo?

It is indisputably one of the most influential and exceptional email marketing platforms with copious features regarding automation and segmentation. Through this platform you can branch off your email campaigns in innumerous directions depending upon the interaction and behavior of the client. With best in class automation platform, you can generate precise and effective email marketing campaigns in a seamless manner without worrying about the manual amendment of the list.

For instance, you can easily setup welcome and thank you emails without glitch whenever a customer signs up. You can even track the abandoned cart or a product added to the cart and the wishlist to create an email campaign accordingly. These out-of-the-box automation techniques and features available at Klaviyo makes every single penny count. Similar automation features are not available with Constant Contact or Mailchimp.

Another major reason to choose Klaviyo is the ease of integration with different platforms like woo commerce, Shopify, big commerce, open cart, Magento, etc. Klaviyo offers email marketing solutions irrespective of the technology or interface you are using. The integration at this magnitude with different technologies, helps Klaviyo win a competitive advantage in the market.

Product Features

Elevated personalization features • Integrate or hide dynamic blocks based on individual recipient characteristics.
Fast ecommerce integrations • Reach your audience through automated campaigns, email responders, and social media ads.
Automated campaigns • Edit every aspect of your theme to your liking, down to the very last detail.

User Benefits

Clear and accurate analysis • View straightforward results and performance numbers from each campaign.
Suitable for growing businesses • Klaviyo is ideal for companies of all sizes, including startups and established brands.
Flexible pricing • Pay only for the services you need without annual contracts or hidden fees.

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In Conclusion

If you are looking for email campaigns regarding simple subscription forms, welcome messages, surveys, polls, discount coupons and manual creation of marketing campaigns, constant contact will work for you. However, if you need to customize or automate your entire email marketing then Klaviyo will serve you better in that case. Another major disadvantage of using constant contact is that it does not provide the similar number of emails and subscriber list for emailing. However, before making any financial commitment with Constant Contact you have an opportunity to compare the return of investment with other tools.

From the above article it has been crystal clear that Klaviyo has been able to deploy more engaging and helpful email marketing approaches along with being a source of innovation. Its approaches are tailor-made in order to coincide with the all the possible techniques prevalent in the market. You will find it as a one-stop destination for E-Commerce and other fragments of online businesses.

What users are saying…

All-inclusive pricing including any upgrades means I don’t have to budget for the “extras.” The help section and videos are informative, especially when migrating to the platform. The integration with Shopify was extremely quick and easy. This also allows me to more easily add products from my catalog efficiently. Troy L., G2

The simplicity of the system and its ability to track performance. The pitch was 30mins long but within about 5 mins we already knew we wanted to use this system for our email. We love the ease of using an A/B test and how easy it is to set up flows. Excellent product. Andrew J., G2

High quality customer support in my experience. Thorough and made a detailed effort in my case. Highly recommended. Nenad, TrustPilot

I spent 36 years building custom business software across more than a dozen industries. My “bar” is pretty high when it comes to usability. The team at Klaviyo easily meets and surpasses my expectations. The features are easy to find and operate the way you expect them to. Michael Wilkes, TrustPilot

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