Is Voluum the Best Ad Campaign Tracking Software ?


As a small business owner, you need to use the best ad-tracking software to optimize your ad-campaigns and other projects. While there are plenty of free ad-tracking tools, most of them lack important features that can make a dramatic impact on your business. 

In this article, we’ll be reviewing one of the world’s best ad-tracking software for small business owners, Voluum. We’re going to take a quick look at the software’s features, how it works, and what it can do for your business. 

What is Voluum? 

Voluum is a cloud-based visual ad-tracking and analytics platform created by Codewise, a Europe-based advertising company. 

The software is primarily designed for online marketers who want to improve the performance of a wide range of online campaigns, such as Google ads, Facebook ads, affiliate conversions, and many others. 

In a nutshell, it tracks almost every aspect of a user’s online activity. It’s every data-analysts dream software. 

Product Features

Run Split Tests • Automatically run and optimize A/B tests for the best conversion rates.
Track Multiple Metrics • In the dashboard, you can track visits, clicks, costs, and even profits.
Detailed Reports and Charts • See a visual representation of your campaign’s performance.

User Benefits

Real-Time Data • No need to wait for the platform to update its metrics. Everything happens in real-time.
Optimize a Wide Range of Campaigns • You can use Voluum to improve the conversion rate of a wide variety of campaigns.
Provides one of the Most Detailed Data Tracking Reports • No doubt, Voluum provides the best data tracking reports. You can discover a gold mine of conversion improvements.

Triple your ROI with Voluum for as little as $69/Month!​

Voluum’s Main Features: 

The company has an extensive number of features. Voluum’s core features are categorized into four main categories; track, analyze, optimize, and scale. 

Detailed Tracking Insights: 

With the tracking features, you can track almost every online event from your websites, such as impressions, clicks, visits, CTRS, and many other factors. You can also track organic and paid traffic, for example, Google Ads or other ad-campaigns. 

In addition to detailed tracking, Voluum also provides smart AI-based optimization tips and insights. The AI will automatically analyze your data reports and identify patterns. These helpful suggestions can help you optimize your campaigns and boost conversions. 

Automated Offers (Auto Optimization)  

Speaking of AI, Voluum uses AI to automate a number of activities. One of their most popular AI-powered tools is called Traffic Distribution AI. 

What this tool does is automatically redirect traffic to the best performing or most relevant pages. The benefit is you don’t need to change the flow of campaigns to for maximum conversions, the AI does it automatically for you. 

It saves you time, stress, and makes it easier to split-test landing pages. 

Affiliate Templates: 

One notable feature is the ability to add affiliate network links directly within the platform. Voluum includes over 15 of the most popular affiliate networks, such as Max Bounty, Leadbit, Clickdealer, and others. You can also add any other network, even if it’s not integrated into the platform. 

Ad-Format Support

Voluum supports all ad-formats and types, from Native Ads to pop-ups, and even video ads. What this means is you can track the data from all your different ads, scattered across multiple websites, from one platform.

Track Data from Your Mobile

Want to check the performance of your campaigns while on the go? Voluum created its own mobile app which you can download and use for free. It shows real-time campaign data and also sends you Push Notifications when certain triggers are met. You can also make quick campaign adjustments directly from your phone. Very convenient. 

Anti-Fraud Kit

Voluum has a section dedicated to fraud prevention, which falls under the scale category of features. One of the purposes of this kit is to detect traffic from bots and protect your reports from it. As we know, bots can ruin your metrics, so Voluum does its best to spot suspicious visitors and traffic. 

How Much is Voluum? 

Voluum offers a number of plans: 

  1. Discover – $69/month
  2. Profit – $149/month
  3. Grow – $449/month
  4. Agency – $999/month (Individual contract) 

Discover and Profit plans are sufficient for most small business owners. With Discover, you’re limited to 20 Active Campaigns and 1 Custom Domain. Your data is also only retained for 3 months. 

With Profit, your data is kept for 6 months with unlimited active campaigns and 3 custom domains, as well as additional reporting and tracking tools. You can also use the automatic A/B testing feature. 

Voluum accepts payments from PayPal, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Visa, Discover Network, and many others. In some cases, they accept payments from platforms that are not on their official list. 

Overall, we think the price of Voluum is well worth it, especially when considering the number of features that are included in the platform. When used correctly, Voluum can make a huge positive impact on your business. 

What are Some Voluum Complaints?

But there are a couple of pointers to keep in mind. First of all, one complaint users have with Voluum is their data is deleted after a certain period of time. The expiry date varies depending on the plan you choose, but it’s usually no longer than a year. 

Another thing to remember is Voluum does have a learning curve. The platform might be a bit intimidating for people who don’t know much about data tracking software. However, there is a treasure-trove of guides and tutorials in their help section.

The Bottom Line: 

To summarize, if you’re looking for a great data tracking software, then I recommend taking a look at Voluum. It’s perfect for small business owners who run a wide range of online campaigns. 

Voluum can not only help you manage those campaigns but also improve the results, meaning a higher return on investment. It’s well worth the subscription fee. Just bear in mind, you might need to spend some time in their help section learning how the tool works before you dive in. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this Voluum review.

What users are saying… 

Voluum allows you to centralize and track all of your campaigns. We have seen an increase in our KPIs since we started using this platform so I strongly recommend it. Francis P., Sales Specialist

Voluum has been my favorite tracking software for a couple of years. Thanks to many useful options, I was able to run and manage many profitable campaigns. It offers everything that you need in order to run successful CPC, CPV, Native and Push campaigns. The best product in the market. Gregory D., SEO Specialist

REALLY simple to use. When I started, almost a year ago, it took me less than 15 minutes from signing up to understand how everything is set up, and getting my campaigns live. Reporting is always important to me, and they are very good at that as well. Capterra User

Triple your ROI with Voluum for as little as $69/Month!​

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