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Are you a freelancer or dream of earning extra income in your spare time??? Then Fiverr is one of the finest platforms to change your dreams into reality within no time. Well, of course, there are a lot of other freelance portals available like Upwork and freelancer, but getting gigs on these portals as compared to Fiverr is somehow rather tricky. So, to uncomplicated it even more let’s have a peek into the working mechanism of Fiverr.

Fiverr kicked off operations as a freelance service provider platform where one can get a job done for a genuine price of $5 only. For example, if you need to get a logo designed or a small piece of content, you simply need to post your requirement over Fiverr. Next, you will get a response from numerous freelancers willing to do high quality work for you within budget. As the jobs are uncomplicated and quick, a lot of professionally experienced freelancers are interested in them. Fiverr has matured into a fully developed freelancing portal over the years. Therefore, it has become the most preferred destination for budding as well as experienced freelancers because $5 is not the final price.

Freelancers are offering their personalized packages to the recruiters in exchange of better prices. If you have a look at Fiverr, you will notice that numerous freelancers bidding for the projects as per their feasible prices. As you do a deeper scan of Fiverr, you will monitor that most of the bids start with a price greater than $5 and numerous freelancers bidding for single project at their own prices. The best part is that the rates are exceptionally realistic and it is one of the easiest as well as reasonable ways of getting a job done over the freelance portal.

Product Features

Shared dashboard • Track your team’s activity and manage projects all in one place.
Diverse marketplace of pro services • Book graphic design, writing, editing, programming, animation, music, translation services, and more.
Helpful tutorials • Learn how to build a website, implement digital marketing, and build a brand with Fivver Guides.

User Benefits

Payment Protection • Payments are sent to freelancers only after you approve the completed work.
Straightforward Pricing • With transparent, fixed-rate pricing for all services, you’ll know exactly how much things will cost.
24/7 Customer Support • Get help from the Fivver team any day, any time.

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The kind of work you can get done through Fiverr

Fiverr is a well-knit network of freelancers, individuals, and organizations offering a robust category of diverse skill sets. One can easily find projects related to graphic designing, content writing, digital marketing, video editing, animation, translations and a lot more. All these services are offered at a very affordable cost which will eventually help the business owners to get the job done quickly while spending very petite resources. On the other hand, freelancers can effortlessly make quick money by working on these projects and can also take up more than one project at a time.

Another best thing about Fiverr is that you can find freelancers even if you don’t have a clear approach about your requirements. You can browse through the website into different categories and apply filters as per your requirements. It will help you to customize service offerings that would attract many freelancers who will fit into your needs and of course, pocket. The search results and filters are very easy to refine and thousands of freelancers are presenting with different set of services. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about finding the one coinciding with your prerequisite.

Features of Fiverr

So, by now you have an understanding about the roadmap of Fiverr. It is high time to spot the features this freelancing platform provides.

  • Multi-currency support is great when you are hiring or working with professionals across the globe. You need not worry about the conversion rate as it will be sorted for you through the platform.
  • Secure payment gateway that ensures complete encryption of your credentials every time you transact.
  • A diverse category of jobs that makes it a great marketplace for both service seekers and providers.
  • Customized offers to make it easier for a person to find the right category of job and get it done at affordable price.
  • Ratings, feedback, and support mechanism to help you choose the right service providers and freelancers without any worries.


  • Easy earnings: It is easier to earn extra income by performing tasks as per your expertise. Through this website service providers offer jobs ranging from a few hours of time to a few weeks. You can easily choose the work as per your convenience and get paid as soon as the job is submitted.
  • Easy to navigate interface: Fiverr website has been designed with the approach of greater audience reach which makes it trouble-free to navigate the services, apply filters and get what you are looking for. It takes no time to start Fiverr work for you and their customer support staff is readily available to assist you with all your queries.
  • Job and payment security: Through Fiverr assurance it is advantageous for both businesses and freelancers to acquire professionals and get remunerated simultaneously. If a professional fails to complete the allotted task, the service provider does not need to pay. Similarly, the freelancer payment is secure after the listed job is done within the guidelines.
  • Private communication platform: People can easily talk with each other to have a better understanding of services and requirements which is beneficial for both parties in order to get a project done appropriately.


  • Fluctuating Price: With a range of freelancers available on this portal, you will easily find variations in the price offered for similar project. Well, you need not worry. If you have excellent ratings and a considerable number of satisfactory jobs done, you will easily draw a lot of attention as for a majority of organizations, price is not an issue in exchange of quality work.
  • No external contact: In order to safeguard the rights of both freelancers and job listers, Fiverr discourages any external communication between the parties apart from Fiverr itself. If service provider and the freelancer contact each other outside the portal and the job does not get completed or paid, Fiverr will not be liable. For the reason that you tried to work beyond the guidelines that were meant for your security only.

This was a simple lookup on Fiverr which will assist you to get started on the platform and find out jobs exceptionally fast. Instead of placing bidding on job listings impulsively, you need to take some time to go through the job descriptions and work on the one that coincides with your expertise well.

What users are saying…

I learned about Fiverr through my acting community to help get some materials done. It’s been so helpful for a busy person like myself or who doesn’t have the knowledge for it. I’ve used the same person for a few projects already and have built a good relationship with that person. I look forward to doing more projects with that person as the opportunity comes up. Mabel K., Twitter
At first I did not know about this site but with recommendation from a friend, seeked help with my editing work. Highly recommend. Delivered all my work with utmost satisfaction. Martin G., SiteJabber
Fiverr has been flat out amazing for me. Everything from logos to images to an ad video has come through their site and been perfect for me. Fiverr is without a doubt my favorite site of all time. Freemotions, TrustPilot

A really great site for Professional Freelancers that get the job done. DiamondLuxe, Trust Pilot

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