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WordPress is one of the top CMS (content management systems) in the world. If you use the platform to manage your small business website, you’re probably aware that one of its main features is a template system. This allows designers and developers to create WordPress themes, which can be automatically implemented onto most websites.

If your startup is in the process of establishing its digital presence with a website, you might be wondering where to find the best WordPress themes. The design of your website is a critical component of your brand that shouldn’t be overlooked. ThemeForest is a go-to template resource for entrepreneurs. Consider this your guide on selecting a theme for your website.

What is ThemeForest?

ThemeForest is part of the Envato Market, a vast online marketplace where you can buy various digital assets from individual creatives. In addition to WordPress templates, the Envato marketplace offers plugins, video footage, and Photoshop actions. ThemeForest has been around since 2008, and it’s the most popular collection of WordPress themes in the world.

Your theme will be one of the first impressions customers have of your company, and it also makes a big impact on UX (user experience). ThemeForest stands out among other template sites due to its vast inventory of more than 12,000 WordPress themes. 

On the one hand, the extensive selection is a good thing because you can find unique templates that cater to your brand. On the other hand, trying to find the right theme can be an overwhelming process. Read on to find helpful tips for choosing a theme for your business website.

Product Features

Sophisticated search function • Narrow down a WordPress theme that suits your needs and vision.
More than 12,000 WordPress themes • Find a website template that aligns with your unique brand.
Part of the Envato Market • Browse the extensive online marketplace for more digital assets.

User Benefits

Affordable prices • Purchase high-quality WordPress templates starting at $2.
Live previews for every template • Test and customize themes before purchasing one.
Free web design tutorials • Get support for choosing and setting up templates.

Here’s a cool video Envato made outlining some of the benefits of their unlimited subscription, check it out below…

Ready to get WordPress Templates from Envato for as little as $2, or take advantage of a unlimited subscription?

How to find the best WordPress themes and templates

Narrowing down which theme is best for your website can be a challenge. If you’re not strategic, it could take you hours or even days. With that said, ThemeForest has a somewhat sophisticated search function. 

You can filter WordPress templates by browsing the categories or entering keywords. When you search for themes by keyword, ThemeForest will populate a list of relevant designs. To fine-tune your search even further, you can sort the templates based on category, price, rating, tags, popularity, and the date they were added to the site.

If you want the best WordPress templates from ThemeForest, you may want to go directly to the best-sellers page. While individuality is essential for your business website, the top-selling themes are typically made by highly skilled designers. This means they’re usually the most functional and user-friendly. Once you install a template, you can tweak your site to make it uniquely yours.

Every template on ThemeForest can be tested with the site’s live preview feature. This means you can see how it works, customize the layout, and try out the functionalities before committing to a theme.

Is ThemeForest worth it?

With ThemeForest, you can buy WordPress templates for as little as $2 up and to about $100. On average, themes sell for roughly $60 each. Compared to other website templates, the prices on ThemeForest are definitely reasonable, especially for the quality you get. ThemeForest also offers free web design tutorials, which can help you find and set up a template from the site.

The appearance of your website is extremely important. You want to make sure the layout is clean, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate. On top of that, the template should accurately represent your company.

Of course, a WordPress theme doesn’t have to be permanent –– you can always change it down the road. But redoing your website can be a major hassle once your business is up and running. 

So, is ThemeForest worth it? As long as you do a careful search and buy from an experienced creator, it’s an excellent resource for website templates.

Start browsing website themes from ThemeForest today!

What users are saying…

Themeforest offers very professional themes with a clean and modern look and feel. They also provide outstanding support! I highly recommend it. BZ, TrustPilot
I’ve been purchasing WordPress Themes from them for years. Obviously not all authors are perfect there. But themerex and ancorathemes are the top ones. Thanks guys keep it up! Leonard Welch, TrustPilot

I’ve been with Envato for about 15 years and they have always supported me. As we have choices online from many different suppliers it’s all about customer service. That is something Envato understands as they take great care of my request. Scott Lawrence, TrustPilot

I have bought templates from Themeforest for years and I think it’s the best place for doing it. Joan Roca, Trust Pilot

Get WordPress Templates from ThemeForest for as little as $2.

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