Elevate Your Business with Skillshare’s Digital Learning Platform


In today’s world, learning valuable, marketable skills is easier than ever. Some of the most inspiring stories of entrepreneurship are about self-taught CEOs who dropped out of college. You don’t need to take night classes at your local community college to become a master at Photoshop, learn a new language, or understand how to use a DSLR camera at an intermediate level.

By offering a wide range of online courses, digital learning platforms such as Skillshare provide a way to acquire specific skills, one at a time. While many individuals are embracing what Skillshare has to offer, business owners are also taking advantage of the platform. 

One of the best ways to elevate your business is by expanding the knowledge and expertise of both you and your employees. If you’re considering online course platforms, Skillshare is one that should definitely be on your radar. So, what is Skillshare, and is it worth getting a membership? Here’s what you need to know.

Product Features

Streamable and downloadable • Stream and download to your to computer, tablet, phone, or TV.
Courses • A vast Library of online course from community of creators.
Memberships • Monthly memberships for individuals or teams.

User Benefits

Selection • Wide range of course topics and categories
Enrollment • Open to both those who want to learn and those who want to teach.
Affordability • Affordable monthly and yearly membership packages

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Online learning for the whole office

In addition to health insurance, retirement accounts, office snacks, and flexible work schedules, many startups are beginning to offer their employees on-demand learning opportunities. If you’re interested in fine-tuning or advancing the skills of your team members, the digital learning platform has tons to offer. With Skillshare for Teams, your entire staff can remain creative, innovative, and on top of their game.

Whether your employees need to brush up their knowledge of graphic design, illustration, animation, photography, videography, UX, web development, or copywriting, Skillshare has a course for it. If productivity at your small business isn’t quite where it should be, you can have your entire team take a course on that, too.

Is Skillshare worth it?

Part of running a successful business is staying up-to-date on the latest software, social media platforms, product updates, business methodologies, and industry trends. For some, the idea of learning a new skill can seem overwhelming. And yet, sometimes it’s as simple as taking a half-hour online course.

With Skillshare, a slew of beneficial and relevant knowledge will be right at your fingertips. You can access a massive library of content to learn simple, mid-level, and in-depth skills. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to make your small business more self-sufficient, authoritative, and competitive.

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What users are saying…

This is a solid company for those looking to better themselves. I’ve been using the service for a month and very happy so far! Samuel Gubert, TrustPilot
They have a wide variety of topics covered with hundreds of professional instructors and high quality tutorials. Angelo Otero, TrustPilot
You can learn a wide array of practical hard skills from Skillshare. Jill Duffy, PC Mag
Skillshare lived up to my expectations and I want to see more from them. They have good prices and good, fun content, what’s not to like? Kennith Kling, TrustPilot

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