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Businesses of all sizes need frequent access to high-quality images. If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably have a website and a handful of social media accounts upon which you upload photos. Of course, some of your images will be produced internally or simply feature your logo. With that said, there’s a good chance your startup will have a need for royalty-free stock photos sooner or later.

So, what are royalty-free images, and where can you get them? Depositphotos is one of the best stock photo sites for startups. Here’s what all small business owners should know about using stock photos for commercial use and why Depositphotos stands out.

What are royalty-free images?

Most of the images you see online, including photos and illustrations, are protected by copyright. In order to legally use an image you didn’t produce yourself, you have to get permission from the owner (copyright holder). Once you have permission to use the picture, you’ll need to agree to specific terms of use.

Royalties are the fees paid to a copyright holder each time their image is used. So, unless the stock photos are royalty-free, you would have to pay an agreed-upon amount each time you use them. With a royalty-free license agreement, you pay only once for an image and can use it as many times as you want. 

A lot of stock photo websites have built-in royalty-free license agreements. This is what most small businesses use, as it’s the most convenient approach to accessing professional images. Once you pay for a photo, it’s all yours for commercial use.

Product Features

Corporate plans available • Create user accounts for your entire team.
Royalty-free images • Use purchased stock photos as many times as you want.
Flexible membership • Subscribe or purchase images one at a time.

User Benefits

Reasonable Pricing • Depositphotos offers stock images at affordable prices as well as some free photos.
Diverse Imagery • Browse more than 60 million images from a diverse group of Depositphotos contributors.
Unlimited Use • Use photos again and again with royalty-free images.

Depositphotos has plans for you starting as low as $29/Month​.

Why Depositphotos is one of the best stock photo sites

Depositphotos is a royalty-free stock photography website that offers upwards of 60 million premium-quality images. From high-resolution photos and HD video footage to illustrations, editorial content, and vector art, the site has it all.

Many websites offer royalty-free images, but Depositphotos is a top choice for entrepreneurs. The inventory of photos and graphics come from a diverse range of talented individuals from all over the world. With Depositphotos, you’ll find tons of imagery from virtually every category imaginable.

Is Depositphotos free? The site isn’t entirely free, but it does have some free images available for download. Aside from that, all the stock photos for sale from Depositphotos have reasonable price points. iStock, Getty Images, and Adobe Stock offer similar memberships to Depositphotos. However, Depositphotos is the most budget-friendly option.

Depositphotos pricing

In addition to a substantial selection of free photos, videos, and vector images, Depositphotos allows you to purchase images individually or through a subscription.

Depositphotos offers some of the best stock photo subscriptions. Monthly memberships range from $69 to $199, which will get you between 75 and 750 images each month. Yearly plans range from $699 to $1,999, which gets you between 900 and 9,000 royalty-free photos a year.

The stock photo site also offers corporate accounts. With an annual subscription, businesses pay a flat rate of $849 to $2,782 once a year. This gets them between 50 to 500 images each month. A business membership also allows you to set up and manage user accounts for your employees.

Business owners can also opt for a flexible plan. The flexible memberships from Depositphotos are $29 a month or $299 a year. You’ll get 30 images a month and can buy additional photos for just $1 each. With an on-demand plan, you can buy a set number of image credits and use them to access stock photography when you need it. 

What users are saying…

Superb quality photographs and wide variety of genres to match what you are looking for. Samuel Gubert, TrustPilot

As a cover designer I need to find a range of images for projects. Deposit Photos doesn’t disappoint. Helen K., SiteJabber
Very easy to download and edit. I used it for a presentation and it did exactly what I needed for. I do recommend this application when you need clip arts for your work. Gus R., SiteJabber
Good pictures, good search engine, good pricing, flexible plans for what I need in my very small business. Candace, TrustPilot

Depositphotos has plans for you starting as low as $29/Month​.

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