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Edge AI Chips

Edge AI Chips Set to Transform the Tech World

The Internet is essential for performing endless tasks, and without a connection, we’re often left feeling frustrated and at a loss. But connection issues may no longer be a problem with Edge AI chips from ARM, which run without a cloud connection. Edge AI chips are designed to accelerate machine-learning tasks on smartphones and other

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Cyborg Armor

Cyborg Armor: The Exoskeleton Suit for Soldiers of the Future

Imagine a world where soldiers will have cyborg exoskeleton armor that will give them increased physical and mental performance.  The Warrior Web program, funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, is developing a suit that will allow future soldiers to carry heavier load, stay active longer, and reserve more energy for important cognitive processing while

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10 Gadgets

10 Gadgets that Will Change Our Lives in 2020

The last decade was full of digital advancements. Technology invaded our day-to-day lives, replacing alarm clocks, digital video discs, print books, movie rentals, newspapers, magazines, and so much more. In some ways, tech has simplified our lives. 2019 was an innovative year, with the rise of accessible AI and other smart tech systems. The next

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Interactive Content

Exploring the Power of Interactive Content

Without engagement, the urge to invest your attention quickly dissipates, and time spent on the Internet is no exception. Interactive content hooks people into websites and apps and encourages them to remain engaged for longer periods. While non-interactive online content is a source of information, it doesn’t have the same alluring edge as its interactive

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Gen Z

Social Platforms to Reach Gen Z

Generation Z (or Gen Z) is the demographic group that succeeds Millennials. They were born between 1995 and 2012, with the oldest now reaching their mid-twenties. Gen Z is currently the largest generation, accounting for about 25% of the U.S. population, and beating out Baby Boomers by a couple of percentage points. They also consume

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Smart Cities

Are Smart Cities the New Reality?

Similar to smart homes, the idea behind smart cities is to upgrade the quality of living for its citizens through intelligent technology. Essential components of a smart city include ultra-modern facilities, enhanced infrastructure, round-the-clock security, and other digitally improved community features. Theoretically, smart cities could benefit developing economies. Although it’s never been carried out, the

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Digital Privacy

Navigating the Complex World of Digital Privacy

Online privacy is critical to our lives, yet everything we do relies on the digital sphere. This is why information security is so crucial. Businesses of all sizes, as well as government organizations, retain sensitive data. Due to privacy loopholes and sophisticated hacking techniques, even the most robust organizations are at risk for data leaks.

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Constant Contact

Streamline Your Email Marketing Strategy with Constant Contact

As a solopreneur, entrepreneur, or manager of a startup, you’re probably aware that all businesses need a strong digital marketing strategy to be successful. Building an online presence creates brand awareness, helps you reach new and existing audiences, and ultimately, drives more business. With that said, email marketing is alive and well, and implementing a

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Cybercriminals Rarely Work Alone. Why the Idea of the Lone Hacker Is Wrong

In the popular imagination, hackers are hoodie-wearing loners that spend most of their time bent over a laptop with a screen full of green and black scrolling code. New research, published in the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, shows that this image, or at least the idea behind it, is wrong. In

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Herd Mentality

How Herd Mentality Influences Our Decisions Online

Have you ever held back from posting on a Facebook group or an online forum to skim through other people’s comments? Doing so means you’re probably trying to get a sense of what the group as a whole is thinking says a new research paper published in the journal Science Advances. As humans, we evolved

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LeadPages: An Easy Way to Turn Visitors into Leads

If you run a website that hosts great content, you’re probably getting visitors. As your traffic grows, you’re likely to start wondering, “how do I turn these visitors into people that buy my product?” Landing pages, popups, and email sign up lists allow you to bridge the gap between you and your readers and start

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Elementor Page Builder for WordPress: What You Should Know

In today’s digital-first world, every business needs a website. On top of that, all websites must be polished, mobile-friendly, and on-brand with a good UX (user experience) design. Many entrepreneurs use WordPress to manage and add content to their sites — but within the realm of WordPress, there are many customization routes you can take.

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10X Your Website with the Cutting-Edge Divi from Elegant Themes

Many websites use WordPress, as it’s one of the most popular CMS (content management systems) on the market, especially for small businesses. One of the primary features of WordPress is its themes framework, which allows for automatic implementation of templates created by virtually any designer. In many instances, your website is the first impression your

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Here’s How Small Businesses Use Evernote

Evernote Features, Plus 9 Pro Tips On the surface, Evernote is a straightforward note-taking app with both free and paid versions. As you dig deeper, though, you’ll learn the tool’s nuances and in-depth features, discovering that it can be an all-in-one space for managing every bit of small business information you need to gather, store, search and

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Klaviyo, More Than Just Email Marketing?

There is no denial in the fact that choosing the best email marketing tool either for your e-commerce or any other online platform can be tricky. There are innumerous alternatives available that propose diverse email marketing tools for every industry and can be perplexing. If you conduct a research, you will notice that services offered

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Is Voluum the Best Ad Campaign Tracking Software ?

As a small business owner, you need to use the best ad-tracking software to optimize your ad-campaigns and other projects. While there are plenty of free ad-tracking tools, most of them lack important features that can make a dramatic impact on your business.  In this article, we’ll be reviewing one of the world’s best ad-tracking

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Wacom says it’s not spying on its customers

Connected digital devices and how they access and share our data is a growing concern. Tech giants are under fire as revelations about what, how, and why they are collecting data is released to the public. Ethical data collection is an area that is becoming more and more regulated as these actions are exposed.  What

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2021 Escalade

The 2021 Escalade Includes a Curved Screen

After looking at the Escalades impressive 39-inch real estate of screen Display, one wonders when a fully touch screen car will pop up, making anything from switching gears to stopping your car a digital wonder.  Even the Jetson’s flying car had handheld controls. This new release has surpassed what Buick had initially been introduced when they spearheaded

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Coronavirus concern makes Ericsson pull out of the Mobile World Congress

Many have thwarted personal travel plans and business trips, while others have taken precautions and refuse to stop their lives for the global health concern of the Coronavirus. Ericsson, a mobile telecom service based in Sweden, has announced that it will join LGE and ZTE as the third contributor who will be pulling out of the Mobile World Congress. “LG

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