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Many websites use WordPress, as it’s one of the most popular CMS (content management systems) on the market, especially for small businesses. One of the primary features of WordPress is its themes framework, which allows for automatic implementation of templates created by virtually any designer.

In many instances, your website is the first impression your company has on clients and potential investors. As an entrepreneur in the process of developing your brand and creating a digital footprint, you might be wondering where to find the best WordPress themes. 

Elegant Themes is a leading provider of WordPress templates, and Divi is one of its most popular collections of themes. Here’s what you need to know about Elegant Themes and Divi.

What is Elegant Themes?

As mentioned above, Elegant Themes is one of the top resources for premade themes and plugins. Aside from that, many consider it to be the best WordPress page builder for DIY websites. The premade templates and plugins from Elegant Themes are designed to enhance the look of a website while also adding features and functionality.

Elegant Themes Divi

Divi is a flagship digital product from Elegant Themes. It’s what many refer to as a “mega theme,” meaning it’s more sophisticated than standard WordPress templates. The platform has a range of powerful features, allowing users to fine-tune their websites exactly to their likings.

With Elegant Themes Divi, you’ll have access to more than just customizable themes. The cutting-edge website building platform can be used in place of the WordPress page editor, where you can tailor the appearance of your site.

Product Features

Front-end customization • See how your layout adjustments look in real-time with the live preview feature.
Mobile-responsive layouts • All Divi layouts have a mobile-friendly design.
Fine-tuned personalization • Edit every aspect of your theme to your liking, down to the very last detail.

User Benefits

No coding experience required • Divi is easy to use for all skill levels and doesn’t require any coding experience.
Ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and start-ups • The platform accommodates DIY websites as well as collaborative company pages.
Myriad themes to choose from • Browse from hundreds of Divi layouts, each of which is completely customizable.

Start using Divi and elevate your website today!

Elegant Themes Divi layouts

With a subscription account, you’ll have unlimited access to website designs, useful plugins, and original imagery. There are hundreds of Elegant Themes Divi layouts to choose from, each of which is entirely customizable.

Within any Divi theme, there are virtually endless options as to how your website can look. You have control over the colors, fonts, formatting, gradients, and imagery. The Divi platform offers many innovative features, including sought-after filters and effects.

In addition to offering a broad range of templates, the WordPress page builder aspect of Divi acts almost like Photoshop, with intricate editing options. The advanced and adaptable interface allows small business owners to personalize their websites, making it highly satisfying to use. 

With front-end customization, you can see how your page edits look in real-time. Also, all Divi layouts are mobile-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about how the template appears on a computer versus a smartphone or tablet.

Is Divi easy to use?

If you’re wondering if Elegant Themes Divi is easy to use, you’ll be pleased to find out it’s a very user-friendly platform. Divi is intended to be used by both beginners and advanced web developers. Even small business owners and startup managers who know nothing about development code will be able to grasp the interface.

For some, getting started with Divi can feel overwhelming, especially for those who are beginning with a blank website. That being said, the premade layouts are intended to make it easy for you. Once you install a theme and play around with the features, you should be able to tweak your website to fit your unique brand and vision.

What Customers are Saying…

Very helpful team who responded quickly to my problem. I particularly love their wide range of plugins which really boost the Divi theme that many marketers know and love. Michael Poole, Trust Pilot

I have been using ElegantThemes since near their beginning. I have built multiple WordPress sites with their various themes. Through the years their tech support has been very helpful and responsive any time I needed to alter something to tailor their theme for my needs. My recent experience was no different. I am moving my site to their Divi theme, but an incompatibility was present from their legacy themes. Faisal from support helped me get some tailored code that solved the problem instantly. Thanks for the years of great service! Chris Eppler, Trust Pilot

I like using Divi, makes life easier, especially since I can now produce templates to design headers and footer. Customer support is also excellent and speedy. Geraldine Charles, Trust Pilot 

Divi is a great choice for the DIY user. If you’re not a coder, but you’d like to be able to customize everything on your own — and through a clear user interface — then Divi is worth checking out. Karol K, Winning WP 

Is Divi worth it?

So, is Divi worth buying? To gain access to the library of Elegant Themes Divi layouts and plugins, you must have a paid account.

If you use the platform features on a frequent basis to manage your website, it’s a pretty good deal. Choose from an $89 annual membership or a $249 lifetime membership. Both plans offer unlimited access to all Divi themes and plugins.

Elegant Themes is a trusted resource for high-quality WordPress templates, and Divi is a smart choice for small businesses. To find out if it’s a fit, try Divi for free today.

Start using Divi and elevate your website today!

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